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All-breed / short & long-term / year-round

Qimmiq Kennels offers the most comprehensive boarding in the NWT. We not only provide warm, spacious indoor kennels, but we can also offer our multi-day clients fun Day-Camp activities, full grooming and specific feeding services. Got a pooch with special needs? We can help you out. With heated indoor play areas for the little guys, and sleeping accommodations large enough for giant multi-dog families, we can accommodate almost any size or situation. 

Weekdays:  Drop-off 7:30-9AM / Pick-up 4:00-5:30PM

Saturdays:  By appointment only 

Sundays: By appointment only

Statutory Holidays: By appointment only

All sizes & activity levels (5-days-a-week)

Qimmiq Kennels' Day Camp operates 5 days a week as a drop in service! No need to book ahead once you are registered!  Got a young pup looking to run off some steam? A lonely older dog? Need a safe day-time place for a pooch with separation anxiety or a newly adopted dog seeking some socializing? Day Camp can help with all these things and more. This service is geared to each dogs individual needs and abilities, with the goal being a day of active, social and positive interaction with our staff and a variety of other like-minded friendly dogs.  Day Camp discount passes available as well -  dogs dig it!

Weekdays:  Drop-off 7:30-9AM / Pick-up 4:00-5:30PM

Statutory Holidays: No Day Camp

ALL BREED - Full Grooming Services 
Qimmiq Kennels offers full grooming services 5-days a week - Monday to Friday. Grooming can be provided in conjunction with our other services - Day Camp & Boarding. So bring your dog for the day to play and we will send them home a the end of the day, tired AND clean and fluffy! We can also groom your dogs on the last day of their boarding holiday, so they go home spotless and fresh!
Whether you want a "Full Groom" for your Doodles and Shih-Tzu's with an appropriate trim or just a bath and brush and tidy for your husky's and other double coated breeds, we can make your dogs look and smell brand new again! Not dog is too big or small.
All grooms include nail trims and ear cleaning. We can also accommodate dogs with special skin-care requirements and are happy to use your own medicated or special-purpose shampoos in these cases.
Call our shop directly or email us to book. 
Grooms Monday to Friday by Appointment only
Day Camp is free with a grooming appointment
DROP-IN Nail Trims from 7:30-11AM or 2-5:30PM Monday to Friday

Call for more information

Qimmiq Kennels offers seasonal group training classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced teams. Got a new puppy? A newly adopted adult? Come for our COMPACT ONE-ON-ONE classes to get you both started off on the right foot! We will give you the tools to manage minor issues of good manners and BASIC  LEASH TRAINING .

Compact one-on-one training occasionally available 

DOG-POWER supplies & equipment

Qimmiq Kennels carries only quality products we use ourselves and recommend to our clients!  We are the Northern distributors for some of our favourite products including: Redpaw dog food, Chilly Dog jackets, Head Lite collars, Esla Kick Sleds, Kuranda Dog Beds, as well as a huge array of Mushing and Skijor equipment, safety gear and basic training supplies. Our items are cold-weather tested and practical; many of our products are Canadian Made. Our expert staff can assist you and your pooches to get geared up safety and sized correctly with products that really work. Drop by for a fitting or a demonstration anytime!

Open Weekdays:  7:30-11AM and 2:00-5:30PM

DOG FOOD and ITEMS can also be purchased over the phone and made available for Out-of-Hours or Hands-Free pick up.

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