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Since humble beginnings in 2008, Qimmiq Kennels has grown into Yellowknife's premium dog care facility and we can accommodate all breeds and temperaments.


Our well-trained and professional staff are expert at ensuring the comfort, safety and cleanliness of all our fuzzy friends. Qimmiq Kennels is the only full-service facility of its kind in the NWT, providing professional Day Camp, Boarding, Grooming & Training services year-round.


Our indoor facilities are warm, secure and spacious. Our outdoor yards are large, full of natural shade, insulated houses and fun platforms and play structures. We dedicate ourselves not just to keeping your furry friends safe and comfortable, but also to keeping them appropriately stimulated both mentally and physically.


Every dog that stays in our facility is active in some way, every day, either in a social situation with groups of like-minded dogs in large play areas (both inside and out). Being active and safe keep your pups from feeling lonely and isolated and improves their fitness too! The goal is to have every dog, relaxed, wagging and tired at the end of a day! 

  • Thank you to your talented, kind groomer and all of your staff for taking such good care of Annie, our Portuguese Water Dog on such short notice .... She looks gorgeous and was calm, not at all stressed, when we picked her up - we'd certainly love to steal your whole operation and transport it home if only we could get it across the border ....
    Joanna, Dave & Annie PWD (The Snyders, Los Gatos, CA)

  • This is the best place ever! Not only do I know my pup is having a great time, but the staff provide one of the best costumer service! Highly recommended. L. Leclerc, Kugluktuk, NU

  • Qimmiq is our babies second home. The staff love them like their own. We have taken our dogs since they were puppies (over seven years!) and the social and physical stimulation they get there has helped turn them into wonderful dogs.  The facilities and activities are second to none and wonderfully thought out and designed for the dogs. The day camp is a treat my big boxer and small French bull dog love every chance they get. The boarding services are amazing with extra feeding times accommodated and wonderful warm, comfy, SAFE sleeping areas. I can't say enough about Jo, Kristy and all the wonderful staff at Qimmiq.  They truly love each and every dog. OUR FAMILY LOVES QIMMIQ!  Joanne, Justin, Roarie (the boxer) and Franklin (the frenchie) Yellowknife NT

  • I don't recall a finer service provided for pets, ever! Helpful friendly staff who are completely at ease with all their clients. Human and K9. They really go the extra mile in making our pooch welcome and ready to have fun. Our dog gets so excited when we say the name of this place! Overnights are worry free regardless of winter weather or summer heat/forest fires. This place has it covered. Full services too! Nail trim, bath, grooming, etc. Really, it's more than five star. D. Hardy, Yellowknife NT

  • What have I done to deserve such worry-free service? B. Switzer, Yellowknife NT

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